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Texel, an eclectic island

Nature reserves, forest, dunes, sandy beaches, and sea – the island is an eclectic, natural paradise. Its villages are vibrant and full of history. Shopping, fine dining, and cultural delights are all within reach. Texel, only a 20-minute boat ride away, is vibrant and varied. While the ‘city’s’ cosy shops and cafés beckon, so does nature. Its hidden trails and secret haunts are a tranquil haven without a soul to be seen. All the ingredients are there for an unforgettable family or group trip to Texel! So, what are you waiting for? Visit Texel for a cherished holiday to remember.

Texel tips for families and groups

  • Mudflat hiking
    A one-of-a-kind adventure for young and old. Stroll the ocean floor at low tide, inhaling the unique scent of the mudflats and serenaded by birdsong. Grab your scoop net and get ready to get your hands dirty because this UNESCO World Heritage Site’s mud is home to crabs, mussels, and a host of other creatures.
  • Sports activities
    Texel has plenty of fun activities for sports lovers. Invite the whole group or just head out with the true sports fans. What kind of activities? Mountain biking, surf kayaking, climbing, skydiving, paddleboarding, surfing, golfing, sailing, biking, walking, and so much more! Got something else in mind? Let’s make it happen!
  • Alpaca Farm
    Why visit sheep when you can pet an alpaca? Nieuw Duinoord Farm invites you to join their alpacas on a walk through the countryside and dunes. Got your heart set on petting these cute creatures or snapping a selfie with one? You’re in the right place!
  • Ecomare
    This is a must for every Texel holiday. The seals’ adorable expressions, mudflat adventures, and aquariums full of ocean life await! Discover the world of the North and Wadden Seas. The giant skeleton in the whale room is sure to leave you awestruck. Weird fact: did you know seagulls adore chips?
  • Jan Plezier
    Jan Plezier’s covered wagon rides are known far and wide. Belgian draught horses provide serious horsepower to this ride. They’ll take you through forest, dunes, and De Slufter – a beautiful area crisscrossed with creeks. Hungry? Feel free to request lunch with the best of Texel’s nature as your backdrop.
  • Texel Aviation & War Museum
    This unique museum is located – quite appropriately – next to Texel International Airport. Wondering why Texel has so many bunkers? Or did you know that KLM used to have a regularly scheduled flight to the island? Discover all this and more at the museum, with its hangar full of aircraft and intriguing history.
  • Beer tasting
    Texel is home to five breweries. And the Texel-based Diks Family Brewery happens to be our favourite. They’ve been brewing the tastiest craft beers for two generations – from a crisp summer pale ale to a hearty autumn brown. Book a tour and taste some of their best beer creations. Cheers!
  • Flavourful fish
    Visiting Oudeschild? Then you’ve got to visit Vispaleis & Rokerij Van der Star. Mosey down the cosy village street and grab a quick kibbeling, herring or shrimp sandwich snack. Or why not go all out and try a seafood platter? Stuffed? Walk it off along the harbour or visit some of the lovely shops. Want to have a good time on Texel but can’t be bothered to arrange it yourself? Several agencies would be happy to tailor a trip based on your budget and needs.

    Custom program

    Want to do something fun on Texel, but don't want to organize it yourself? There are various companies that create a customized program, tailored to your wishes and budget.

    Tasty local treats

    ’t Exels Boerderijwinkeltje

    Say hello to Texel’s tiniest farm shop. Drop by to pour yourself a glass of milk or a bowl of soft-serve ice cream. They also sell local products, such as homegrown potatoes and Texel crisps.

    Postweg 17, De Cocksdorp

    Reuze Aardbei

    Brackish soil just so happens to produce scrumptiously sweet strawberries. Honestly! So, be sure to swing by the Reuze Aardbei (Giant Strawberry). Buy a box of strawberries or a jar of homemade jam.

    Schorrenweg 32, Oosterend

    Dairy Farm (Zuivelboerderij)

    The Schorrenweg has plenty of tasty stops, and here’s another! Nearly 160 dappled heifers supply this farm’s dairy goodness. The Rikkenberg family processes their milk into yoghurt, skyr, quark, buttermilk, and kefir.

    Schorrenweg 39, Oosterend